Štítky: ED060XCD, 1280X480, hdmi mipi, kindle obrazovke ed060scn, e ink, 7 hdmi obrazovky, 24 palcový lcd panel, displej teclast t10, displeja e ink, e reader.

  • Skladom
  • w21591

  • Veľkosť Displeja: 6 palcov
  • Číslo Modelu: A0608E02
  • Názov Značky: BINYEAE
  • Kompatibilné Značky: Univerzálny
  • Typ Produktu: Tablet Dotykový Panel
  • Typ Obrazovky: Kapacitný Displej

The touch screen does not work, does not respond to the touch.
Kkk Kingcharles
Initially warned about the description of the goods, many (all) complained about the non-working touchscreen, because there are no analogs, he decided to clarify with the seller whether everything is in order with the touchscreen, he responded positively. Collecting the book touchscreen did not get it, the screen is as original, the picture is, but the touch does not work, began to sin on himself and his handwork, reconnected it a couple of times, I wiped all the alcohol to remove primal traces of accidental touches, but everything is ten. The contacts are clean, everything works properly, and the touch is dead. I do not advise you to take it, throw out a book and buy yourself a new one from Haemi, she's a fool and better than that shit mammoth. Delivery month, packed in a box, very reliable. I can not sin for delivery and damage on the way. Either I'm a jamb, or I sell a poor quality product. The dispute did not open because in the process of checking the entire circuit burned a pair of SMD components and prove the fault no longer it is possible.

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