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  • Funkcia 2: Ultra Clear
  • Vhodný Model 3: Pre Ipad Vzduchu 4 screen protector
  • Funkcia 1: Jednoduchá inštalácia
  • Použitie: PDA
  • Vhodný model 6: Pre Ipad A2324 A2072
  • Materiál: Tvrdené sklo
  • Kompatibilné Značky: Pre Apple iPad
  • Názov Značky: JOOGLOONG
  • Vhodný Model 5: Pre Ipad 10.9 palcový displej protector
  • Množstvo: 1 Balenie
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Vhodný Model 1: 2020 ipad vzduchu 4 10.9
  • Vhodný Model 4: Pre Ipad 2020 screen protector
  • Vhodný Model 2: Pre ipad 2020
  • Package: Áno
  • Číslo Modelu: 2020 ipad vzduchu 4 10.9
  • Funkcia 3: Tvrdené sklo screen protector pre Apple iPad vzduchu 4
  • Funkcia 5: Pre iPad Vzduchu 4 2020
  • Funkcie: Anti-odtlačkov prstov
  • Funkcia 4: Tvrdené sklo screen protector pre Apple iPad vzduchu 10.9 2020

Bricker 494
I was worried at first about getting a glass screen protector for my new iPad especially with having an Apple Pencil. Thankfully it has proved my worries invalid as my Apple pencil worked perfectly as did the touch screen features. I had a bit of trouble getting it on without any bubbles (I usually have this problem anyway). I did not have the tool that usually comes in the packaging to help smooth the bubbles out. What I was left with is fine and has no errors in usage of my iPad. I also got a second screen protector in the pack so I can always try another one. It covers all of the surface area of my iPad inside my case giving it full protection and the case does not hit it at all.
Very fast
Juninho Street Boy15
This is a great screen protector it works really great with my keyboard folio case A1 I love it really cheap and easy to apply
Very good protective glass. Compare me with nothing but works like no problem, pencil draws without delay, although it slides on the surface, but for sure it's just out of habit.

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